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Big Dog Ranch

Big Dog Ranch

Big Dog Ranch was established in 2002, deep in the lush piney woods of southwest Mississippi “out from Brookhaven”, in the country.

We had been living the suburban life with our two big Labrador Retrievers and one regal and high-strung Golden Retriever.  They needed more room and so did we; so we built our country home.  The “girls” loved it.  Retrieving.  Sniffing.  Running in the woods while I darted around on the four-wheeler.   And of course, sitting on the porch.  In fact, there was a lot of sitting; so a relative who was stepping over the lounging dogs suggested that we should name our place “3 Dog Ranch”.   We knew there would be more dogs, so we put up a “Big Dog Ranch” sign at the gate for fun.  We did get more big dogs, and we made the sign a permanent one.

At our Veterinarian’s office we ran into friends from years ago who were breeding British Labrador Retrievers.   As we got to know their magnificent dogs with their steady, calm spirits, we too began to fall in love with the breed.  We immediately noticed differences between their British Labs and our American Labs.  Surprisingly, there were differences in temperament as well as size, with the British Lab being slightly smaller.  We had been accustomed to the high-strung personalities of our own dogs, and had accepted this as standard for Labrador Retrievers.   Because of our sincere love for the breed, we began adding British Labs to our family with the intention of working our way slowly into breeding as a family business.

Now at Big Dog Ranch, we are able to breed beautiful, powerful British Labrador Retrievers with easy, controlled temperaments, an intense drive to please and strong primal hunting instincts, as well as gentle personalities.  It is these qualities that make them beloved members of the family.

We are pleased to be able to offer these proud, intelligent animals to those who understand and welcome the love and companionship of such magnificent dogs.  It is so special to be chosen as the person of a British Labrador Retriever, a loyal companion for life.

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