Henry is a Marvel of Communication

Really, Henry is a marvel of communication.  I  came to this conclusion quite recently, only after what to Henry probably seems like ages of trying to get his point across.  I say this because, if you have taken any kind of speaking class you know that term ” communication” requires both a sender and receiver.  All this time I thought I was the sender.  Apparently, I have not been the only one.

I will admit to a certain busy period each evening when I get home from work.  Of course, there is dinner to make, kitchen to clean, toddler to amuse (and tire out), baths to be had, etc.  And Henry, patient soul that he is, has been witness to it all…night after night.  Through it all, he watches and sometimes let’s out a big sigh.  He knows that he will get his turn in the center ring of our circus; it is just a matter of when.

Now, I did mention communication.  How does a dog communicate?  Most people probably know idea meaning of barking, whining, pawing at you or the door, circling the food bowl, etc.  We all understand the signals when our dog is hungry, sleepy, or needs a few moments alone in the outdoors to do a bit of business.  But, how many of you would get the message if your dog brought you laundry?  Specifically, your laundry and nobody else’s in your house.  Not the clean stuff…the socks from your tennis shoes.  The pants you wear several times to walk the dog before tossing them in the wash.  The sweatshirt that can probably walk the dog itself by now.

Well, after several weeks of just taking these items from Henry’s mouth when he “brought them to me”, and several weeks of muttering phrases of annoyance about “picking up after yet another guy in the house”, I finally GOT IT.  Now it is time for a walk, while I ponder what else he has been trying to tell me.

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