Training is going very well….

Henry in the Car

It has been quite a while since I posted anything.  Life is very busy with work, home, toddler, and dogs!  But, Henry is doing incredibly well.  He is so different from any dog I have ever had and from most I have known.  I believe it really shows good breeding that he is a natural with training.  He is eager to learn and eager to please.  We have several commands down very well now at 5 months old.  He sits, comes, heels…but stay is another matter entirely as he is still full of puppy energy.  So, stay is a job for next week.  We will get there.

He is fetching the decoys we toss without fail.  He runs back to me, all big paws and floppy ears, drops the decoy at my feet and sits to await the next toss.  On the occasions that I take it from him, the decoy is held so gently in his jaws that I swear he is only using his lips!  This also applies to what he retreives from my son’s room.  More often than not, Henry bounds into the house, goes directly to my son’s room, and proceeds to select a stuffed toy to carry around.  I snap my fingers, Henry brings me the toy…and we start the proceess over again, until all my son’s favorite toys have made it into the living room. 

Henry never barks.  He can bark, but I think he chooses not to do so.  I imagine him sitting back, the strong silent type, and letting others speak up.  He lets the other dogs wory about the squirrel and possum population, too.  No sense wasting the energy on such mundane pursuits.  He house trained in three days, with very few slip-ups.  Henry is gently as a lamb with our toddler son, and believe me when I say that the gentle giant has been tested. 

Of course, Henry is so big and awkward right now, looking like a pre-teen gangly boy (all feet and legs), that some days the bull in a china shop reference is quite appropriate.  But I can already see that he is well on his way to being a handsome and dare I say noble example of his breed.

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