BDR Extended Family

Teegan and Cooper Pictured here are some members of BigDogRanch’s extended family. Alyssa with Teegan(left), Old Tuck(middle), and Cooper(right). Teegan is from an Abby Lane and Poppy litter. Cooper is a pup from Queenie and Redford born May 12th. Cooper got his first water retrieve of a goose that was as big as he was!
“Merry Christmas! Cooper got his first water retrieve of a goose yesterday that was as big as he was! Old Tucker dog still had it in him, I guess because he got the other two! It was my first goose as well. I outshot ol’ dad! I got two big boys and he got one goose. I hope Christmas cheer is throughout Big Dog Ranch!
Thank you again for such great (and good looking) dogs.”

Pictured here is a member of BigDogRanch’s extended family. Jane is enjoying her time with her new family. She went to the home of a US soldier who has been stationed in Afghanistan. He wanted to know that his wife and their son had a sweet, loving protector when he gets deployed again. Jane certainly has the sweet and loving down. She still has a bit of growing to do to fit the protector gig. :)
Jane with her new family!
Maddie! “Hello Mrs Deena,
Maddie seems to be enjoying her new life style. She is already occasionally going to the door when she needs to potty. She’s not real wild about being kenneled at night, but I’m sure she just needs time. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Thanks again for providing such adorable puppies!
Pictured here is a member of BigDogRanch’s extended family, Toaster. She has seamlessly moved in, made herself at home, and delighted us all, even Djanga. We have graduated from level one of puppy school….coming when called, good at sitting, going to a down position, staying, shushing when barking at inappropriate times, and walking on loose leash. Many relapses but we have fun. I thank you and Courtney again for giving us such a wonderful pup raised with love and care. Evie
Toaster and Foster Sister Djanga!
Pippa! Pippa could not resist the big pile of leaves across the street.
Julie and Rachel
Pictured here is a member of BigDogRanch’s extended family, Jake. Jake is a Penny Lane X Luke puppy and he is living the life of an only child with his parents who are both hunters and nurses.
Abby Rose! Here is a picture of Abbey Rose. She loves it here in CO.
What a beautiful baby we’ve got!!!Thank you thank you thank you. We have named him Sir Charles Redford Fox. Sir (because he’s British afterall, and his mommy is a Queen), Charles (because we love that name), Redford (after his beautiful daddy) and Fox (after his coloring). We call him “Charlie”. We just adore him, Deena, and adore YOU for giving this little ball of joy to our family. Thank you.
Christy and Brent
Crimson! Greg named his little boy Crimson and took him home to Boston.

Hi Deena,

Just wanted you to know how the little girl was doing. Our big girl Izzie is finally into playing with her and Stella loves to snuggle with her and with Brian and I. She has definitely gotten used to sleeping on couches, pillows, and the bed and of course our heads! She is persistent and has figured out how to get onto the couch. She is very sweet and a bit of a crazy girl when she first wakes up, like a typical Lab. She’s definitely keeping us on our toes.
Dr. Carrie Firestone Baum MD, MPH

Eli! Here is another happy family. This is Bart with his handsome big puppy Eli. Eli loves swimming way out in the pond, chasing birds, and remains fascinated with the cows.

Drakes first halloween! He was a clown and loved wearing his costume. We are crate training him and still have not had any accidents!! We are so thankful for him! Hope all his brothers and sisters are finding homes!
Brady and Wes
Sprig! Deena, We are already head over heels in love with Sprig. She is a DOLL! She slept most of the ride home and was a great riding puppy. Delta and her have hit it off.. Delta is playing with her well. Thanks you so much for raising a sweetheart.
Liz and Kyle

This is Gabby. She is a Morgan X Luke puppy and lives in Arkansas.
Cody Deena, We are truly enjoying this little guy! He is so sweet and we cannot imagine life without him. So many more discoveries to make. And we will let you see along the way!!

This is Ammo, at nine months old already tracked his first deer this season. He is a Reilly X Tebow boy.
Eli Eli is a Morgan X Luke puppy, and he is living the good life in Madison, Mississippi.

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